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Speech Recognition

Xircuits Speech Recognition Project Template

This template allows you to train a Tensorflow speech recognition model, using a mini version of the speech_commands dataset.

It consists of the components listed below:

  • Dataset preparation: this section handles the dataset used in this template through multiple components.

    • DownloadDataset : Mini version of speech commands dataset.
    • ExtractAudioFilesAndLabels : Extract the audio files from each folder & labels from the folder's name.
  • Preprocessing dataset: Preparing dataset to be fed into the model.

    • AudioToTensors : Decode the audio .wav file into waveforms.
    • WaveformsToSpectrograms : Convert the waveforms to spectrogram to be fed into the model.
    • PlotSpectrogram : Visualize spectrogram.
    • SplitData: Split the dataset into training, validation and testing set.
  • Model training: build and compile the model for training.

    • BuildSpeechModel : building a simple network model.
    • CompileSpeechModel : compile the model with the chosen optimizer.
    • TrainSpeechModel : training and validating the model with the defined epoch number.
    • PlotSpeechMetrics : evaluate training performance, by plotting the training loss and accuracy against the number of training epochs.
    • EvaluateSpeechModel : determine the model accuracy based on the testing dataset, and able to view the confusion matrix.
    • SaveSpeechModel : save model in keras or tensorflow format.
    • ConvertSpeechTFModelToOnnx : convert TF model to onnx model to be used in other platforms.
  • Inference components: To predict the text of the speech from an audio file.

    • LoadModel : Load the trained Tensorflow model.
    • LoadAudioFile : Load an audio file and preprocess for prediction.
    • PredictSpeech : Predict the text.
  • Silero inference components: To predict the text of the speech using pretrained Silero models.

    • SileroModelInference : Predict the text of audio file using Silero model.


You will need Python 3.9+.


  1. Clone this repository
  2. Create virtual environments and install the required python packages.
pip install -r requirements.txt
  1. Run xircuits from the root directory

Workflow in this Template


  • In this template, we used the perform a simple speech recognition. You can further fine tune the model by modifying the hyperparameters.



  • Predicts the speech from an audio file and outputs the probability of the prediction.



  • Predicts the speech from an audio file and outputs the text prediction.


Future work

  1. Train model on complex speech dataset.