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Xircuits Component Library

Welcome to the Xircuits Component Libraries documentation! With Xircuits serving as the foundation for your projects, Xircuits Component Libraries provides essential tools and features that enable seamless integration with various frameworks. These libraries are like sets of LEGO pieces, ready to be assembled into any structure limited only by your creativity and imagination. With the ability to mix and match different components, you can create customized workflows that result in unique and powerful applications!

For example, you could use components from the Discord or Slack Component Library to build a query chatbot that users can interact with. Then, you can connect it with components from the RabbitMQ Component Library to process and manage the incoming queries. Finally, you could integrate components from the PyTorch Component Library to perform machine learning tasks and generate intelligent responses.

The Xircuits Component Libraries include libraries developed by the Xircuits team and open-source contributors. The libraries that have been tested and verified by the team are included as submodules in the main Xircuits repository. With various Xircuits Component Libraries you can build powerful applications that go above and beyond the ordinary with little to no code.

Let's dive in and start building!