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Component Library Guides

This section is a dedicated space where we'll share handy guides and interactive tutorials to help you understand our vast array of component libraries better. We've neatly catalogued both our internal libraries - the ones that are added in the base Xircuits, and external libraries sourced from other repositories, making it easier for you to explore. Dive in below!

Internal Library

These components will always be included in the Xircuits installation.

Tensorflow KerasDeep learning related components using Tensorflow Keras.Link
PytorchComponents that use Pytorch's ML library.Link
SKlearnScikit learn components.Link
XGBoostOptimized distributed gradient boosting library.Link
SparkComponents built using the Pyspark library. Run these components with the Xircuits Remote Run!Link
TemplateGreat components for new learners and to experiment outputs.Link
UtilsCommonly used components for day-to-day workflows.Link
ControlflowComponents to enable ifs and loops.Link

External Library

Recognized additional component libraries that you can download and install using:

$ xircuits install <component library name>

🤖 AI Agents

GPT Agent ToolkitExperiment with and create Collaborative Large Language Model-based automatons (Agents) in the style of BabyAGI and Auto-GPT.0.1.0
VectoThe power of vector embeddings in Xircuits.0.1.0
OpenAIEasily integrate OpenAI's functionalities, such as retrieving models and generating text, into your Xircuits projects!0.1.0
AnthropicAdvanced components for anthropic principles.-
HF AgentAdvanced components for hugging face agents.-
ActorsComponents for creating actor models.-
VertexAIComponents that interfaces with Google Vertex AI!-

📊 Data Science and Machine Learning

PycaretA component library built using Pycaret's API! Complete with examples for NLP, anomaly detection, classification, clustering, as well as regression.0.1.0
RPARobotic process automation library to automate routine and repetitive tasks!0.2.1
StreamlitTurn Xircuits workflows into shareable web apps in minutes.0.1.0

💬 Communication

SlackXircuits Component Library to interface with Slack!0.1.0
DiscordCreate Discord Bots in seconds.0.1.0

📭 Message Queues

RabbitMQMessage broker in Xircuits that just works.0.1.0
MQTTXircuits library that implements the standard for IoT Messaging.0.1.0

🗃 Databases & Servers

SQLiteComponents for interfacing with SQLite databases.-
FlaskComponents for developing Flask applications.-

🌍 Cloud Services

GDriveComponents for interacting with Google Drive.-
GSpreadComponents for interfacing with Google Sheets.-

Want your component library listed here? Just submit a PR to the Xircuits repository. For more information, refer to the Xircuits component library documentation.