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Contributing a Xircuits Component Library

This section will focus on how to create a component library pull request so you can showcase your library in our Xircuits Component Library list! Users can interact with the component libraries featured in this list using the Xircuits component library command.

Contributing a Xircuits Project Template

You can create a lot of use cases in Xircuits, and we're more than happy to showcase what you've built in our list! Unlike the component library, creating a PR for a Xircuits project template is much easier. All you need is to update the official Xircuits project template readme with your project. We will verify that it works before adding it to the list.

Creating a Xircuits Component

Xircuits allow users to create their own components with ease. The example below showcases the basic structure of an Xircuits Component that takes in a string and outputs a random integer.

Creating a Xircuits Component Library

In the previous guide, you have learned how to create a component. In this guide, you will learn how to create a component library, either creating from scratch or from a template.