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Running a Project Template

The following tutorial will walk you through a Xircuits project template. You will clone an existing Xircuits project, install all requirements, then run it.


For this tutorial, ensure that:

  1. You have a Python version that is compatible with Xircuits (Python 3.8+).
  2. You have Git installed and able to clone repositories.

Starting a Xircuits Project from a Template

Starting a Xircuits project template is simple. All you need is to clone an existing project template by:

git clone project-url

You can view the available project repositories here.

For this tutorial, clone

Getting Familiar with a Xircuits Project Template

When using a project template, you will primarily work with these files and directories:

  1. Readme - the starting point of every project. Typically contains information on how to setup the project, the Xircuits workflows, and often a description of the components inside.
  2. xircuits-workflows - this is where all the Xircuits workflows that can perform the project objective are kept.
  3. xai_components - this is where the Xircuits components used in the xircuits-workflows are defined.

Explore the Iris Classification project template.

Setting Up a Project Template

For each project template, the recommended way of setting up the project and installation is by running the shell script.


For simple project templates, it will usually just perform pip install -r requirements.txt that will install the python packages along with Xircuits. For more advanced projects, it may download datasets, create directories and other commands.

Setup the Iris Classification project template by running bash

Run the Xircuits Workflows

Once you've setup the project, a Xircuits project template becomes a normal Xircuits project where you should be able to run things right away.

  1. Launch Xircuits with xircuits from the project template main directory.
  2. Navigate to xircuits-workflows.
  3. Run the Xircuits workflows.

Run IrisClassification.xircuits. You should get the following output:


Congratulations you have successfully ran your first Xircuits project template! From here, you should be able to run any project templates. Be sure to checkout the Xircuits project template section if you want to see the various project template workflows made by our engineers and open source contributors.