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Dynamic Ports

Dynamic Ports are a specialized category of ports designed to dynamically expand when linked, while still being treated as a singular variable in the compiled code. This feature is useful in workflows that require the concatenation of multiple unspecified inputs, such as appending chats as lists.

As a general guideline, the behaviors listed below are inherent to dynaports:

  • DynaList, DynaTuple, and DynaDict are processed as normal lists, tuples, and dicts in the compiled code, with the order preserved according to the dynaport sequence.
  • When a link is created to an empty dynaport, a new dynaport with an identical variable name is spawned below it. A [x] label is updated for every subsequently linked port.
  • All types of Literals can be linked to DynaLists and DynaTuples, but only Literal Dicts can be linked to DynaDicts.
  • When a link to a dynaport is removed, the following dynaports are automatically updated. If a link is created to a dynaport that already has a link, the new link assumes the current dynaport, and the existing link, along with the following dynaports, are shifted.
  • Dynaport inherits other default port behaviors, such as reloading.