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Remote Run

The remote run is a special Xircuits feature which allows user to execute tasks remotely. While the main usage is for Spark Submit, it can also be used for submitting jobs to servers.

Configuring the Remote Run

The remote run configurations can be viewed at .xircuits/config.ini. You will have 3 levels of configuration depth:

  1. REMOTE_EXECUTION: The main remote run category. Example is SPARK.

  2. RUN_TYPES: The subcategories under the main remote runs options. Each of the run types will have their own CONFIGURATION. Example for remote execution category SPARK is LOCAL and CLUSTER.

  3. CONFIGURATION: The configurations for each RUN_TYPES. There are 4 parameters that should be specified:

    1. name: The name of the configuration. You may use the same name as the CONFIGURATION.
    2. command: The command that is to be executed. Multiple lines should be appended with \.
    3. msg: The message to be displayed when users execute the configuration.
    4. url: The url to be displayed. Useful when an external dashboard exists. For example the Spark dashboard is http://localhost:8088/.

How it Works

Under the hood, the execute configuration is performed using using the subprocess module. A new process is spawned when Remote Run is selected and executed.

The command in CONFIGURATION will be appended to the compiled Python Xircuits file, such that what will be executed is


For example, if your command is $SPARK_HOME/bin/spark-submit and you've compiled SparkLinePlot.xircuits into, the process that will be executed is:


The output is displayed in the Xircuits Output Terminal.

__ __ ___ _ _
\ \ \ \/ (_)_ __ ___ _ _(_) |_ ___
\ \ \ /| | '__/ __| | | | | __/ __|
/ / / \| | | | (__| |_| | | |_\__ \
/_/ /_/\_\_|_| \___|\__,_|_|\__|___/


Xircuits is running...

Remote Execution in process...

Please go to http://localhost:8088/ for more details

Running Spark Submit using local mode


Whenever the config.ini file is modified, Xircuits will recognize the changes only after switching the run type via the toolbar.