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Xircuits Component Library

  • A Xircuits component library is a repository or directory that contains Xircuits component codes that can be rendered and run in a Xircuits canvas.
  • A component library should be framework focused (tensorflow, pyspark, pycaret, etc).
  • A component library repository should focus on one framework at a time and keep other library / frameworks imports to a minimum.
  • The structure should contain, the, the requirements.txt, and optionally an examples directory, as below:
# +-- examples
# | |
# | +-- example1.xircuits
# | +-- example2.xircuits
# |
# +--
# +--
# +-- requirements.txt
  • In Xircuits they are implemented as xai_component submodules.

  • The workflow of using a component library would be simply copying / cloning the directory to your working Xircuits directory.

  • Example: the pycaret component library