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The Xircuits Events System introduces a dynamic way to handle event-driven programming within your Xircuits workflows. This system allows components to listen for specific events and react accordingly, enabling a more modular and decoupled design of workflows.


The Events Component Library is included in the base Xircuits installation and requires no additional setup. It is ready to use out of the box, allowing for immediate integration of event-driven functionality into your workflows.

Events in Xircuits provide a mechanism for triggering actions in response to specific occurrences within a workflow. This is accomplished through two primary components: OnEvent and FireEvent.

OnEvent Component

The OnEvent component acts as an event listener, waiting for a specified event to occur. When the event is fired, the OnEvent component executes its associated actions.

FireEvent Component

The FireEvent component is used to trigger an event. All OnEvent components listening for this event will be executed, and any data passed as the payload will be available to them.

Events Preview