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Node, Port and Link Logic

To ensure a robust codegen compilation, we have set several rules and logics for nodes, ports and links.

Node Logic

  • A node is a Xircuits component.
  • Each canvas will have a Start and Finish node, which cannot be deleted.
  • Nodes can be locked. Nodes that are locked cannot be moved nor deleted.
  • All component library nodes must be linked to compile and execute a workflow.

Port Logic

  • Each node will have ▶ Ports and optionally parameter ports.
  • Parameter Ports are inArg and outArg rendered into inPorts and outPorts respectively.
  • You can only link from an outPort to an inPort.

Flow [ ] Ports

  • Flow Ports indicates sequence of execution.
  • All flow ports must be linked from Start to Finish.
  • You cannot create a flow loop.
  • You can only link flow ports to flow ports, and parameter to parameter ports.

Compulsory Ports

  • Compulsory inPorts are rendered inCompArg indicated with the * symbol.
  • A parameter must be supplied to compile and run the workflow.

Port Type Checking

  • A port may have a specific type it is expecting, eg str or int. Supplying a wrong type will throw out an error tooltip.

  • An exception to this rule is the any port, which will bypass any port type check.

  • The following table is the port visualization of certain data types. Those not included in the list will simply have the port blank.

    Data TypePort UI
    string" "
    int 1
    list[ ]
    tuple( )
    dict{ }

  • A link is created when you select and drag from a port.
  • Linking an outPort to an inPort will indicate data passing between components.
  • If a link is not dropped on a port, it will prompt the component tray interface. Selecting one of the components will automatically link the ▶ ports.

  • When linking ▶ ports, Xircuits will perform a check whether the parameter port labels have an intersection, and if so, attempt to link it.
    • Example: The out_sparksession wil be linked to the in_sparksession as there is a sparksession intersection.